Who is Bashir Dawood? What does he do?

Kids now days suffer from deadly illness. Medical industry has become more costly. Many kids die without proper treatment. There are trusts which are working for supporting these people mentally and physically. Bashir Dawood is a Pakistani who is currently working on foundations that helps Pakistani people to overcome such illness. They make sure that the kids do not suffer from illness. Their main objective is to create a healthier world for children.

He has established Agha Khan Medical College and Hospital with best class equipments. They originally committed organ transplant focus; He has empowered the co ordination of various careful offices. . The Centre means to increase present expectations for instructing and learning and to subsequently convey higher measures of training over the callings of drug, nursing and unified wellbeing.

Medical industry

Good health and education are the major problem for kids from financial backward families. To convert this situation into better position, he has started working on Pakistani people healthy life. They give quality education for kids and also they provide standard living when they grow. This helps in increasing the economic position of Pakistan. There were lots of financial crisis that occurs. By the generous donations from his family and other donors saved the foundation. There are only few hearts which lends hands to poor people. He with his wife is creating a miracle at Pakistan.

Mariyam Dawood, wife of Dawood, has started household appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc at low cost. Their foundation includes activities such as education initiatives, disaster relief program, sick kid foundation and home appliances. This initiative helps Pakistan to level up as developed country.

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