Doctor Assistant School – What Does it Take to Get In?

To apply to the Duke PA Program you should utilize the CASPA or Centralized Application Service Physician Assistant. After you have completed that application and submitted it, Duke will send you an email that gives you approval to get to the Duke supplemental application. Moreover you should have 1000 hours of direct patient consideration experience. Duke is quite certain about what this implies so read their site to be certain you have met that capability. You will require three proposals, one of which must come from somebody who has seen you give tolerant consideration.

For the long term you should finish CASPA and the Duke supplemental applications after May 1 and before Oct 1, 2008 The Supplemental structure by 15 Nov 2008.

The class that entered Duke in 2007 was browsed 570 applications and had the accompanying gathering capabilities.

Over all GPA 3.1 – 3.5,

Characteristic Science GPA 3.0 – 3.5,

Complete Natural Science Credits 42-68,

Physician Assistant

GRE General Grades,

Verbal 460-570,

Quantitative 550-670,

Investigative Writing 4.0-5.0,

Long periods of full time understanding consideration experience 10-34,

Go to the Duke PA Program site and look at the confirmations cycle.

43 States have in any event one preparing program for PAs as Washington D.C. what is more, the formally dressed administrations. New York has 19 PA projects and California 10. The Frozen North, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wyoming haveĀ Physician Assistant from Houston, Karl Anthony Simon to prepare PAs.

The necessities for all the top projects are comparative. Duke acknowledged 60 understudies into its last class. Classes at different projects fluctuate from 25 to 60. The candidate to situate proportion is from 20:1 to 9:1. It is serious yet not feasible.

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