Mariinsky theatre

What all places to visit as a part of the st Petersburg private tours?

When it comes to Russia, there are several cities that one can go to. but if you want to simply;y want a slice of the old Russian history and want to marvel on various buildings and architectures created to embellish that history. Then saint Petersburg is the place to visit. It is the city that is most popular for its rich culture, history and great locals. So if you are planning to visit the cultural capital of Russia, then there are some places that one should not miss as a part of the st Petersburg private tours.

The palace square

The palace square is the main attraction when it comes to tourists in st. Petersburg. This square is huge in area and showcases the opulence and grandeur of the Russian empire in all its glory. This place is also regarded as one of the most culturally active places in Russia, as some of the biggest parades and some best of the shows took place in the square. Also one of the major attractions about the square is the Alexander column that stands in the center of the area. The stunning fact of the column is the height which is 47.5m and that stands without any foundation.

The hermitage museum

This museum is right in front of the palace square. It is one of the largest museums across the globe, and it houses some of the best works by Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and even Van Gogh. It also used to the winter palace of the Russian tsars and has the exquisite architecture to behold. It is so big that it may take an entire day to explore the museum.

hen there are some places that one should not miss

Mariinsky theatre

If you are an art and theatre person then Mariinsky theatre should be missed at any cost. some of the best ballets and operas are held here. also, the biggest advantage is that it is much less pricey than the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. One can add this to the itinerary of the st Petersburg private tours easily.

The admiralty

Admiralty used to be a shipyard and a fortress for the Baltic fleet. Now this place is rebuilt entirely with new architectural finesses, golden spire and a small ship on it send. Also one can visit the st, Isaacs church from there as it is only at a walking distance.


Lastly, the visit to the Petersburgh will be incomplete if one does not catch some of the best churches and cathedrals in town. cathedrals like st. Isaacs cathedral, Kazan cathedral, the church of savior of blood are some of them in the must-visit list.

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